Get Started!

Welcome to the 2020 BCC/Rensselaer Mass Region III Science and Engineering Fair!


Getting Started…

The links and details here will help you properly register and obtain SRC (Scientific Review Committee) approval, if necessary, for your project. There are also some important points called out below that students, teachers and parents often miss. Please also give a thorough read to the Student Handbook applicable to your grade, which is available under the Rules/Forms tab of this website.

For all: The Region III Science Fair is adopting a new schedule that includes the Awards Ceremony on the same day as the Fair.  Please check the calendar for the complete day-of-fair schedule.

For all:  Under the Rules/Forms tab of this website you’ll find all the forms you’ll need to participate in the fair.  ALL of these forms are “fillable” pdfs which means that they can be completed right on your computer then printed out, signed, and forwarded to Region III.

For all:  Students must have their ORIGINAL NOTEBOOK with their projects at the Region III Fair.  Students should not re-write or re-type their notebooks.  Ten points are deducted for students without original notebooks.

For all:  Note that Parents cannot participate in any way in a student’s project!

For all:  Please be advised that DEADLINES are hard and cannot be waived.  This includes missing forms or attachments so please plan accordingly.  Consult the calendar tab on this website for deadlines.

For all:  Please note the differences between Middle School and High School rules.  Middle School students are limited in the substances that they many work with.

For all:  Please note the SRC requirements carefully for HUMAN SUBJECT PROJECTS – this type of project is the one MOST disqualified for not obtaining proper SRC review prior to experimentation.  If in doubt, please email Ann strong at
Teachers:  Please carefully screen projects PRIOR to forwarding to Regional SRC.  Take care to send ONLY projects that require pre-approval. We recommend that teachers also read the respective student manuals.  Links to these documents can be found under the Rules/Forms tab of this website. In the past, a number of schools have submitted EVERY project for pre-approval prior to experimentation. As the fair grows it is becoming increasingly difficult to review these extra projects and we ask for your cooperation in internally vetting those projects that don’t obviously need pre-approval.  If, after reviewing these documents you are unsure if a particular project requires pre-approval, by all means submit it to SRC.  Note:  Middle School projects are still hard copy submissions while ALL high schools should submit via the SEFOS system.  Find more info below.
Teachers:  An Institutional Review Board (IRB) should be convened at each school where there are students performing Human Subject projects.  There, projects should be pre-reviewed prior to forwarding to SRC.

Teachers: School coordinators are urged to send all entries/forms together in the same envelope including the $8.00 fee per student.


Teachers:  Please be sure to utilize the new Checklist provided here and in the forms section of this website so that all applicable forms are submitted the first time and your student’s experimentation is not delayed.


High School Students:  You will be submitting your project details via the online SEFOS system:  ( Upon log-in, you’ll be guided through a series of questions.  At the end of that process the system will tell you which forms you need to submit to your teacher and the Region III Fair.


Middle School Students:  You will be submitting your project details via a hard copy form that should be mailed to the Region III Fair. Please note the kinds of projects/experiments that you are permitted to do.  Please read the rulebook carefully.  Middle school students are prohibited from doing the same types of projects as students at the high school level. Please be sure that your teacher utilizes the Checklist  provided in the forms section of this website so that all applicable forms are submitted the first time and your experimentation is not delayed.