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Register for the 2020 Massachusetts Region III Science Fair

Please note, our schedule has changed this year. The Massachusetts Region III Science Fair Awards Ceremony will now take place the same day as the the Science Fair.

It’s another school year, and here at the Massachusetts Region III Science Fair, it’s another science year! Whether this will be your first time entering the fair or you are a longtime participant, we welcome you.

Over the last 59 years, thousands of projects from the seemingly most simple subject like a paper bag to the complex like a knee joint have been viewed and judged - and gone on to success at the Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fair and the International Science and Engineering Fair. It’s not necessarily the subject matter itself but the strength of the research and experimentation that uncovers a new look at something.

Still looking for inspiration? While there are websites that list hundreds of projects, we think that a better strategy than a “pre-packaged experiment” is to look around your world: What is it that you do or encounter on a regular basis? What have you heard about recently in the news? Did pique your interest at school that you’d like to explore further? A science fair project gives you that opportunity! Whatever subject you choose, come at it from a different angle - give your judges something to fresh that’s original to you, to think about. And don’t forget the many Special Awards that are given at the Region III Fair. If you’re interested to know more, please download the the 2019 Awards Booklet.2019 Awards booklet to see a list and description of those Special Awards given last year. The Region III Science Fair wishes you the best of luck with your project.

We are also excited to announce a new format for the Massachusetts Region III Science Fair - which will now take place entirely on ONE DAY including the Awards Ceremony which had previously been held a few days after the fair. We think this new format will help busy students participate in the Fair in its entirety.